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  • USS Johnston's Last Stand

    On board the Destroyer USS Johnston Commander Ernest Edwin Evans is proceeding with his usual routine when a radio transmission from a patrolling plane warns of an incoming enemy fleet. The Japanese Center Force has slipped through undetected and is barreling down upon them.


    The pilot reports "I can see pagoda masts. I see the biggest meatball flag on the biggest battleship I ever saw!"


    The American fleet is completely outclassed. With their 7 destroyers and 6 carriers the Yamato alone weighs more than the entirety of Taffy 3 combined. 


    It's an incredible story of bravery against overwhelming odds where the Evans and the crew of the USS Johnston take the battle to the vastly superior Japanese force.

  • F-14 Tomcat vs Soviet Built Jets

    It’s August 18th, 1981. Off the coast of Libya. An American carrier group is in the Gulf of Sidra.  International waters.... but not according to the Libyans. MiG-25's and Su-22's have been repeatedly going up against the F-14 Tomcats launched from the USS Nimitz. Up to now it's all been fun and games with the Americans seeing off the Libyans without conflict. But all that changes when two Soviet built Su-22 Fitters decide to start a fight. What happens next showed the class of the incredible F-14 Tomcat in a combat situation and became the inspiration for scenes in the film Top Gun.

  • The Red Baron - Remastered

    Der Rote Kampfflieger, The King of the Sky, Ace of Aces.  However you know him, one fighter pilot's name stands out in history.  The Red Baron. With his bright Red Fokker triplane he's a character that fires the imagination.   He takes us to a time of knights in the air, locked in mortal combat.  Turning and diving and climbing.  Higher !  He's so legendary we had to make a film in honor of him twice.  We hope you like the improvement.



  • When an F-86 Chased a Mig into China

    On September 15th, 1952 an American formation of F-84 Thunderjet fighter-bombers is flying towards the Yalu River, near the East China Sea, on the border between China and North Korea.


    Escorting them is a flight of F-86 Sabres from the 336th Fighter Squadron, spear-headed by flight leader, and future jet ace Captain James Robinson Risner. When they encounter MiG-15s Risner chases the pilot all the way to China and then tried to rescue his wingman by pushing his stricken F-86 to safety.



  • The Attackers - Episode 1. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Military Drama. English Subtitles

    The USSR – World War 2. Young pilots, Leonid and Boris arrive at military air training school only to find that they have been enlisted to an air regiment and will be going soon to the frontline.


    Unfortunately the young pilots fail in their first mission. Instead of covering the Soviet attacker planes, Leonid gushes from his formation to attack the German Messerschmitts. This causes a breach in the defensive formation and, deprived of protection, the attacker planes come under fire from the German fighters and everyone is killed. Back on the ground Leonid and Boris are sent to the division’s headquarters where they are to be tried and executed. On their way to the place of execution, however, the commander of the attacker wing arrives at the military airfield and petitions personally for their release. Our heroes are given one last chance. Now they become attackers and will have to show responsibility and courage every moment of their service and execute the most complex of orders without hesitation or fear for their own lives.

  • When 1 Tank Defeated 22 German Tanks

    During the defense of Leningrad a well laid trap resulted in a spectacular victory with just 1 tank taking out 22 German Tanks and 2 Anti-tank guns.  Zinoviy Kolobanov commanded his KV-1 to deal a crushing blow to the invaders.  In total, in and around "Tank Alley" 5 Russian KV-1s destroyed 43 tanks.  Despite being repeatedly hit, the thick armor of the KV-1 was key to the success of the operation.

  • Spook of St Trond

    Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer was an incredibly successful night fighter with 121 victories, mostly against British four engined planes. Using a technological innovation of 20mm cannons on his Bf 110, mounted near vertically like organ pipes enabled him to shoot Allied craft from below.


    The noise the cannons made sounded like Jazz drums to the German pilots and they nicknamed it Schraege Music.  It was the sound of disaster for the allied crews and they nicknamed Schnaufer the Spook of St Trond.

  • When an Axeman Fought a Tank

    909,315 views  Feb 25, 2022  Born in Ukraine in 1919, Ivan Pavlovich Sereda became a cook in the Red Army, assigned to the 91st Tank Regiment, 46th Tank Division.  When a German tank rolls into camp it's just the cook who is left to face it.  Undeterred Sereda grabs his trusty axe and goes to work on the war machine.  With a mixture of subterfuge and using what he had to hand, the cook incredibly decided that the axe was the right anti tank weapon for the day, much to the shock of the Germans inside. 


    An amazing story of bravery, a David and Goliath story for the modern age, it's a tale of overcoming incredible odds and having fearlessness and determination win the day. 


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